Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This Ain't A Scene

The first thing man did in it's history of organized society was to harness and create technology. The second thing man did after that was use that technology to destroy his fellow man.

The evolution of military technology can be described in a way very similar to a plague or epidemic. Say for example, Country A makes advancements in technology, that technology may also be applicable for military aspects. Because of this, if Country A uses that military advantage on, let's say, Country B, Country B is now in a state of impending destruction. If Country B does not adapt it's own technology to meet Country A's technology, then Country B can be assured that eventually it will be destroyed. Because of this fact, the development of better, faster, stronger, and more destructive weapons will continue among all organized societies of man. For those with some historical knowledge, the Cold War should be coming to mind.

The Cold War was the carbon copy example of the above, only on a globally destructive scale. As Russia developed new nuclear weapons, America had to quickly bridge the gap, and visa versa. Because of all this confusion, the entire globe was in a state of fear for a good portion of the century.

Now technology generally has two sides to it, a positive side and a negative. Let's take nuclear technology for example. Negative side-Most destructive weapon ever built in the history of Man. Positive side-Holds the secret to creating vasts amounts of cheap and feasible energy. So while most of us see the Bomb side of this, there is a good side to it. Because of this, technology will advance in war and peace times.

A famous actor in a bright red suit once said "With great power comes great responsibility". As corny as that sounds, that holds true with the example of Man and it's technology. If we, as a population, can learn to control our technology and utilize it for the good of all mankind we will advance as a world with no equal. All we need is some control.

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