Saturday, January 27, 2007

Don't, Won't, Can't Stop The Beat

With all the new technology based around music, it's hard not to notice the impact it has made on our generation. Or to be more correct, it is hard not to notice the impact our generation has made on music.

One of the best ways of understanding a certain period of time in man is to analyze the music of the period. The music produced directly relates to the type of society at the time. A few examples are how the religious chants of Churches reflected the Dark Ages, how opera related to the Renaissance, and how rock and roll defined the 1950s. The types of music you are subjected to as a child influences the type of music you will prefer as you mature. This is a possible explanation of why most of our fathers prefer country or rock and roll over new age and contemporary music.

We encounter music every day in our lives. But rarely we stop to think about how it affects us. Music is one of the most powerful factors to our mood, it can make us emotional, angry, sad, sleepy, or make us want to dance. Music has also been proven to make us better at our job or crazier at the wheel depending on the type of music. But with current technology giving us 24 hour access to music, we grow accustomed to the constant input of music. In some cases we become addicted to it, needing it to pass the time. And with the ever evolving devices being created, it is not a challenge to meet that need.

We all have our taste in music, whether you are a country fan or an goth person, there are thousands of bands in the world to supply us with all the digitized music we need.


TG said...
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TG said...

I aggre with you, music affect our mood.. i can't imagine a world without music.. music give us happiness..