Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Rat Race

Ever turn on the news when an election was nearing? Ever notice how politicians just squirm and beg just for your vote? Some going so far as to make ludicrous promises, lie and deceive the voters, and bend or break the law.

I would just like to show you something I found quite humorous about politics:
Poli-tics (pol-ee-tics)

Poly, meaning many.
Ticks, meaning bloodsucking organism
It is just my opinion, but I believe that current politics and politicians have have declined so much so as to cause more harm to the world than good. A politician is supposed to be someone who's job it is to serve the public and have their best interest at heart. But now, politicians are more concerned with their popularity with voters than doing what is right. Politicians rarely do more than their quota, often just performing lip service to their jobs. It has gotten so that I have almost expelled politics from my interests. And while what I am saying may just be an over generalization of true politics, much of it still remains valid.

Modern politicians have become almost obsessed with just receiving public approval, so much so that they do long term damage to solve short term problems, just because they know they won't have to deal with it. I won't name modern or past examples, but you can probably guess what I am talking about. While a complete government change is obviously out of the question, I think politicians need to change their political convictions to the government's and peoples' sakes, even at the cost of their own political career.

But because people in general are selfish, they often sacrifice their values for the sake of their own personal gain. This is a reason why people need to vote. In order better the government that runs their country, people need to be politically active.

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Yep, very true.